Food Faith and Farming Network gives voice to the sacred connections between land and people. We foster rural and urban relationships and promote earth stewardship, community, spirituality and economic justice through healthy food and sustainable farming practices. We collaborate with individuals, organizations and faith communities that share our vision.

What We Do:

  • Link food, faith and farming through educational, spiritual and community building events 
  • Bring a spiritual perspective to the conversation in addressing food and farming issues
  • Connect consumers and growers, urban and rural, through activities such as Winter Farmers Markets
  • Advocate for a just food system and food security for all
  • Promote a land ethic of stewardship and care for our common home--Earth
  • Partner with Harvest of Hope Fund, serving Wisconsin farmers in crisis situations


Our story began in 1989 at Sinsinawa, Wisconsin in the heart of the Tri-States of Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois, when an organization called Churches' Center for Land and People was born. The farm crisis was taking its toll on small farms and rural communities. The Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters, a Congregation of Women Religious in the midst of this rural area, called together a group representing the struggling folks in the rural community including churches and organizations concerned for the well-being of rural life. This meeting was an exploration of ways to work together to keep hope alive and nurture the spirit of rural communities. This organization was the result of that gathering. Churches and other rural advocacy organizations joined together to support a common effort. The organization put down strong roots and has remained committed to the values of earth stewardship, community, spirituality, and economic justice since that time.

Now known as Food, Faith and Farming Network the organization continues to be guided by those same values and a commitment to network with others to build and sustain vibrant rural communities in changing and challenging times. 


The Food, Faith and Farming Network all-volunteer board comes with a wealth of knowledge in the field and a passion for our mission.

Tom Nelson

Roger Williams 
Harvest of Hope Fund 

Trudi Jenny
Social Justice Advocate

Sheila Fitzgerald, OP 
Sinsinawa Dominicans

Jeanne Meier 
Linda and Gene Farley Center
for Peace, Justice & Sustainability

Katherine Riebe
Sustainable Peacebuilder &
Transdisiplinary Practitioner

Rev. Bernard Rott 
Catholic Diocese of Madison 

Jay Salinas
Wormfarm Institute

Linda Sheridan
Milwaukee Area
Sustainable Food Advocate

Rev. Nick Utphall
Advent Lutheran
Madison Christian Community

David Williams
Emeritus, UW-Extension,
Agriculture and Natural Resources