Our Winter Farmers’ Markets and Meals program seeks to:

  • help local farmers sell their products and generate income during the winter months
  • help faith community members and others purchase local, sustainably-raised products in the winter
  • offer a delectable meal, made with local and sustainably-produced foods
  • educate community members about the importance of buying local and sustainably-raised products
  • give communities a chance to stand on the side of stewarding our land and promoting economic justice for farmers
  • foster community and spirituality by building relationships with farmers and among community members        

The markets offer a range of products provided by vendors who take pride in their efforts to use sustainable, organic practices.  Purchasing their products is one of the best ways to sustain our land and foster economic justice for farmers. 

Rather than paying a fee for a space at our Markets, our vendors are asked to donate 10% of their proceeds to the Harvest of Hope Fund, a faith-based farm crisis fund. This means that every purchase helps both the farm vendor and a Harvest of Hope recipient.

The meals are carefully prepared by local chefs or food-savvy members of congregations using savory local foods. Our goal is to foster a sense of community while showcasing high quality, locally-produced ingredients. Many of the foods served can be purchased from the vendors at the Market.

We encourage educational programs during or preceding the Market date in an effort to bridge the urban/rural divide and nurture a greater understanding of the issues farmers face.

For more details, see our Winter Farmers’ Markets and Meals description.

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